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On this will find student examples of projects created using various tools. These projects are meant to give you a visual idea of what the tools can do so you can use them to create your own tech based project. If you have designed a project that uses a technology tool and you would like to see it featured here, please contact Mr. Halter at


Glogster is a website that will allow you to design a digital poster using pictures, graphics, and even audio and video clips. In most cases, your teacher will give you an account name and password, or you can create your own by signing up for an account. Check out the GLOGSTER TIPS page for some useful design tips.

Below is an example of a Shakespeare Glog
Check out the audio clips on the page and note how information is broken down and organized.


Wikispaces can be used to create a website that puts together researched information, links, graphics, images, videos to showcase your understanding of a topic. You are looking at a wiki right now! For tips and tricks for making your wiki shine, check out the Wiki Project Help Page.

My Space or Facebook Template


Animoto Video

So you've never done a video project because you don't know how? Animoto makes it easy to put together images, video, limited text and music to create a flashy video project. Create a movie trailer about your book that teases the viewer with just enough detail to make them want to read it. Remember, Animoto makes it EASY to put together something that looks easy a five year old could do it (yeah...that easy). What is challenging is putting together something with a clear FOCUS that achieves a desired IMPACT on the viewer. Images, text and music have to be carefully selected and arranged so they work together effectively to create something with meaning.

This example is based on Romeo and Juliet. The assignment was to create an epitaph for a character and put it to images and music.

Create your own video slideshow at

Animoto limits you to 30 second videos for free, BUT if you get a passcode from your teacher, you can create unlimited length videos. Make sure to do this BEFORE you create your account with Animoto! If you have already used animoto in the past, you will need to create a NEW account with a NEW email in order to enter a new passcode.

  • Go to to set up an account
  • IF you don't have a second email, use this one: hamptonstudents+your student
  • In the Promotional Code box, enter the passcode your teacher gives you.
  • Go to the ANIMOTO TIPS page for some helpful tips about designing your project.

Wix and Weebly Web Site Design

Website design sounds complicated to most of us who don't know our FLASH from JAVA (huh?!?) With free online tools like Wix, you can create a professional looking website to highlight the literary elements of your independent reading. Choose a template and fully customize your website with text, images, video, animations and other graphics. It will help to have a plan that outlines your website before you start. Think about what pages you will include and how you link them so your site is informative, attractive and easy to navigate.

This is an example from a 6th grader who created a website with links to character pages from the book Surviving the Applewhites.

Free website -

  • Go to, create an account and create your own site. Start from scratch or choose from the many templates.
  • Also try for a similar web design tool.

Toon Doo

So your "artistic" ability doesn't go much beyond stick figures, a smiley face sun and a few scraggly lines for grass? Check out ToonDoo as a way to create an impressive graphic novel style interpretation of key scenes from your reading. You can create customized characters, upload your own images for backgrounds, add dialog bubbles and choose from a huge selection of premade objects to drag and drop into your comic. Put together several comics to create a "toonbook".

Below is an example of a grammar toondoo to illustrate the uses of they're, their and there.



Podcasting is simply creating an audio recording of something that is meant to be "casted" or shared with an audience via the web. Podcasts can be done in a radio show format, interview, dramatic reading, or even to present an informative essay. Sound complicated? It's really not hard to do with an easy to use audio editing program like Audacity.
Find some Audacity instructions here.

  • This is a podcast done for a Cultural Geography class where students were to interview and role play someone from a South American company.

  • This is a podcast done for a Vietnam war project based on The Things They Carried


Blogs are a great way to showcase your writing, reflect on what you read or learn in class, or even look at a book or a historical event from a creative perspective. You can set up your own blog at:
Click here to see an example student blog for a history class from Napolean's perspective
Click here to see an example of a student reflection blog