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The most basic, most used and most abused presentation tool. Avoid "death by Powerpoint" by following these ten tips:

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      1. Don't just read your slides! Talk TO the audience, not AT them.
      2. Use bulleted points, not paragraphs or complete sentences
      3. Keep points to ONE line…don't wrap text
      4. Avoid more than 4-5 bullets per slide MAX
      5. Use large font...30 at the absolute minimum.
      6. Use animations creatively, but sparingly
      7. Use graphics like SmartArt to help organize and present ideas
      8. Use images that help tell your story
      9. Don't over decorate slides with too many images and graphics

Here's a twist---Present your Powerpoint using the PechaKucha method….20 slides with JUST AN IMAGE on each, timed at 20 seconds each. This will force you to create a highly visual presentation and to know your information well enough to talk about it, not just read to your audience.
Self Guided Presentation--You can use the Record Slide Show option to record a narration to your presentation and turn it into a movie file. Click on the SlideShow tab, then Record Slide Show. Run your show and Powerpoint will record your voice as you speak for each slide, then finish it as a complete movie.

Google-Drive-icon.pngGoogle Presentation

Exactly like Powerpoint, but with the added bonus of being in Google Drive, so you can access it anywhere, AND you can have multiple people editing it
simultaneously….PERFECT for group presentations. Keep in mind the same tips above. Below is a Google Presentation about Google Presentations

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 9.47.14 AM.pngHaiku Deck

Simple web-based presentation platform that works well on mobile devices.



Prezi is a "zooming" presentation tool that will have you thinking about your topic from a fresh perspective. Below is a student example. Make sure to zoom completely out to see the creativity in the design of this!


Get the class involved in your presentation by using Nearpod and iPads. You can send your presentation to the class so they can follow along on an iPad, and even integrate polls, quizzes, and a drawing application to get them involved. Their responses come directly back to you so you can see their input and even share their ideas with the rest of the class.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 2.14.28 PM.pngTimeglider

Digital tool that utilizes images, graphics and video to present information in a "zoomable" timeline format. Great for presenting "history of.." topics. Here is an example on the history of the Wright Brothers

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 10.43.57 AM.pngWeebly

Create a website to showcase your information. Start with a theme and fully customize every aspect. Here is an example of a student portfolio created with Weebly: http://jsnipesenglish.weebly.com

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 9.05.30 AM.pngEasel.ly

Create eye catching, professional quality info-graphics and posters to present your ideas or spice up a presentation or powerpoint.
      • easelly_visual.jpgeaselly_visual-2.jpg

Self Guided Presentation Tools

If you are terrified or speaking to the class, you are not in the minority. With the tools below you can pre-record your presentation, then just hit "play" and keep all eyes off of you and on your amazing presentation. Make sure this will be acceptable by your teacher for your assignment. You could also use these tools to ad spice to a live presentation.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 1.49.38 PM.pngPhoto Peach

Create slideshows with photos, text and music. The example below was one of their featured stories

      • Tweety on PhotoPeach

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 2.27.31 PM.pngPowtoon

An unique presentation and video maker, Powtoon can make you look like a professional animator.

Click here for an Introduction to Powtoon video

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Meograph is a way to combine images, narration, music and parts of youtube clips into a web-based video.