Using the program called Audacity, create a podcast to explain the modern applications of your materials in an engaging way using narration, music and sound effects. Some examples of this type of podcast can be found at "Moments of Science" published by the University of Indiana. Think of a podcast as an informative radio piece. Here are some tips to get started.
  • Think of what you want people to gain from this podcast...what do you want them to take with them after they hear it? Make sure to stick to this focus.
  • Draft a script of your podcast
  • Read through the script and think about where you might add music. Many podcasts begin and end with a music clip. They also use music clips as segues between sections of a podcast.
  • Also think about whether or not sound effects might enhance your podcast...for example, if you discuss automobiles in your podcast, it might help to include a sound effect of a car engine.
  • Rehearse your script! The more you rehearse, the better your podcast will sound. Try to avoid sounding like you are reading and try to be more conversational so your audience is more engaged.
  • Record your podcast in a quiet spot using headphones and a microphone.
  • Add any music or sound effects to your podcast.
  • Save your podcast as an mp3 and upload it to your wiki page.