PhotoStory FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why is my PhotoStory not working?
  • It is important that you use the same version of PhotoStory while working on the project. Different versions of PhotoStory are not compatible and you may lose certain elements of your project, or your story may not work. If you start the project at school, it is best to finish it at school.

2) Why won't my Photostory play as a video?video2.gif
  • You have to finish the project before it will play as a video. On the save page, select a save location on your computer and click next. This will finalize your project and turn it into a video. See step 10 on the PhotoStory page for more directions.

3) Why is my narration not playing?
  • If you recorded your narration using different versions of PhotoStory or different computers then your recordings will not appear or work. Recordings are saved on the computer you are using. If you use a different computer your question_mark.jpgrecordings will be lost. Therefore, record all of your narrations when you are ready to finalize your project as a video, so that your recordings will not be lost and you will not have to re-record. Also be sure to use the same version of PhotoStory as you continue to work on your project.

4) How do I get a plain title slide?
  • PhotoStory does not allow you to create plain title slides -you must import photos. If you want a title slide with a plain background color, find a picture of the color and import the photo as you do with your other photos. Then add the title to the slide.
  • You can find solid color background images here: Background Images Right click the specific color you want and save it to your computer. Then import the image to PhotoStory.
  • You can also use the program Paint (available on all school computers) to create your own solid-colored background image. Just make sure that you make the image large enough for a PhotoStory slide.
5) Why do my pictures look grainy?
  • Your pictures may be too small, which makes them look grainy or stretched when placed in PhotoStory. Choose pictures that are large and high quality.