Importing Video

Getting your video into the computer is done through IMPORT or CAPTURE. If you recorded on tape, you will use CAPTURE. SD card cameras require you to IMPORT, but may alo require you to convert your video first (see next tutorial).

Before you begin:
  • Preview your clips,
  • delete those you don't need and
  • rename those you want to keep.
This video shows you how to:
  • Import your video clips (shots)
  • Drag them into your storyboard

Converting Your Video If Unable to Import

This video will show you how to use ZAMZAR to convert your video to a format that is compatible with Movie Maker.
There are two criterea for Zamzar:
  • an accessible email
  • files less than 100MG (should not be a problem if you recorded in short, 10-15 second SHOTS:))
See converting video page for more information and other options.

How to Edit Video

Adding Text and Titles

Stilling a video Image