Creating a Wiki Account : Important Information for All Hampton High School Students

Throughout your years in Hampton High School, you will be using a WIKI account for many of your classes. This page will give you information on how to create that account. Please note: YOU ONLY NEED ONE WIKI ACCOUNT to access ANY WIKI PAGE. If you have a wiki account from a previous year AT THE HIGH SCHOOL, you may continue to use that account . IF you are a FRESHMAN or need to create a new account, it is important that you follow the procedure below to set up your account. If your user name is not correctly formatted as described below, you will not be accepted to teacher's wikis. Please see information below for changing your account name.

To set up a wiki account, go to

Click SIGN IN in the upper right

Click Create an New Wikispaces Account


Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 8.54.33 AM.png

  • Username: Make sure your username is as follows: firstinitial last name last four digits of student number (ex: jsmith5767)

  • Password: It is highly recommended that you use the same password as you use to log into the school computers

  • Email: Please use your email account
  • Select NO under "Make a Wiki"

  • Hit "Join" button

Once you have created a wiki account, you can go to your teacher's individual class wiki pages and REQUEST MEMBERSHIP or, Enter the JOIN CODE if your teacher has provided one. ALL of the wikis you belong to will appear on your DASHBOARD when you log in to wikispaces with the information above.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT create a NEW ACCOUNT FOR EVERY only need one throughout your high school experience.
If you have any problems or questions about your wiki account, please email Mr. Halter at

Changing your Account Name

As mentioned above, if your account name is not formatted correctly, you will have to change it. To do so, do the following:
  1. sign into
  2. Click on your user name in the black bar in the upper right
  3. Click on ACCOUNT on the left side
  4. Click on CHANGE under user name
  5. Change your user name to first initial+last name + last four digits of student number (ex: jsmith5767)

Printable Instructions: