5 Tips for a Google Site

Uses for a Google Site:
Work collaboratively on a class project
Share information about a school organization or activity
Share links, pictures, documents, and information with other students

Before you start:
You must have a Google account. To create an account...
Go to
Click on the SIGN IN link in the top right corner.
Type in all required information.
Make sure you un-check the box that says "Set Google as my default homepage"
Click on the I ACCEPT. CREATE MY ACCOUNT button.
You will have to log into your email account that you used to set up the Google account. In the email, there will be a link to VERIFY THE ACCOUNT.

How to create a site:
Log into Google at www.google.com
At the top of the page, click on MORE.
Click on SITES from the drop down menu.
Choose from the templates provided. (Choose your template based on what you are using the site for. However, the BLANK TEMPLATE works best)
Name your site something relevent to your content.
Clcik on the small + box to the left of CHOOSE A THEME
Click on a theme that you like.

How to edit the Homepage:
Click on EDIT PAGE in the top right corner.
Type the information that you want to appear on your homepage.
​ -- A homepage typically explains the purpose of the website
When you have finished editing the homepage, click SAVE in the top right corner.

How to use the Edit Toolbar:


To create a new subpage:
On the homepage, click CREATE PAGE in the top right corner.
Use the WEB PAGE template.
Name your subpage.
Put the page at the top level.
Edit this new page using the edit toolbar.
When you are finished editing, click SAVE in the top right corner.

To delete a page:
Click on the page you want to delete.
Click on MORE ACTIONS in the top right corner.
Click on delete page from the drop down menu.

To attach a file:
Click on the page you want to upload a file to.
Click the + next to ATTACHMENTS.
Browse for your file.