Google Earth Navigation

How to Move around the Earth

  • Use the Look joystick on the top of the control bar to look around from one vantage point.
  • Click and drag the ring around the Look joystick to rotate the view.
  • Use the Move Joystick in the center of the control bar to move up, down, left, or right.
  • Drag the pegman to the 3D viewer to switch to Street View.
  • Use the zoom slider to zoom in or out. To zoom in click +, to zoom out click -.


Fly to a Location
  • Type an address or a landmark into the "Fly to" location on your sidebar.
  • Press "Enter" or the magnifying glass to go to the location.


Google Earth Tours

Initial Set-up

  • Only have the "3D Buildings" Layer selected.
    • This is important because it will help your locations to load faster and it will eliminate others photos and markings not to appear on the screen.
  • Clear "My Places" of all of the sample locations.

Marking Locations

  • Fly to location that you would like to go on your tour.
  • Use the Navigation to see the view that you want.
  • At the toolbar on the top of the screen, select the yellow push pin.
  • Name the Placemark, add a description, and click "OK".

Putting Locations into your Tour

  • Click and drag your markings from "Temporary Places" to "My Places in the toolbar to the left.
  • You can rearrange the locations at any time.

Adding photos in your Tour

  • Right-click the location.
  • Scroll over "Add," then click "Image Overlay".
  • Name the Image that you are adding so that it is easier for you utilize in your tour.
  • Browse your hard drive for the image that you would like to overlay.
  • Once you have located the image, click "Open".
  • Then you can add a description, view, and altitude. When you are finished click "OK".
    • You may need to adjust the view and altitude so that it does not affect the rest of your tour.
  • If you need to edit the properties after you have inserted the photo...
    • Right-click the Image Overlay under "My Places".
    • Select "Properties."
    • Use your mouse to click on the green corners to adjust the size and the green cross to move the photo.
    • Also, you can adjust the altitude under "Properties."

Recording your Tour with Audio

  • Using a microphone, either internal or external, you can record yourself as you go through the "My Places" that you have set.
  • First, select the Camcorder on the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  • Once you have selected the camcorder, you will see a small toolbar at the bottom left of your screen.
  • Click the microphone button (not the record button) and begin recording immediately.
  • When you have finished, click the "X" in the corner.
  • Your recording will immediately begin to playback.

Saving your Tour

  • When you have finished recording your tour, it will automatically begin to play back.
  • On the right side of the playback toolbar, you will see a disk. Click the disk to save your project.
  • It will automatically be added to the "My Places" tab on the right.

Uploading your Tour to a Wikispace

  • Go to "My Place"
  • Right click your video and select "Email"
  • Log in to your GMail account.
  • Email the video to yourself.
  • Download the video from the email.
  • Then, go to the wikispace, "Edit", then select "File"
  • Then upload the video and double click it to insert it in your current page.
    • Note: The video will be a download, not an embedded video.