What is Glogster?
Glogster is a site where you can create digital posters using text, images, video, and audio. There are a TON of options for backgrounds, graphics and images in Glogster, and you can also import your own. The finished posters are called Glogs and can be viewed from any computer. You can also comment on other people's glogs if they are public.
In most cases, your teacher will give you an account log in so he/she can see your work as it progresses. See creating an account below for more information.

Why use Glogster?
  • You have to make a poster, so why not make it a digital poster? A digital poster allows you to include multimedia, like graphics, audio, and video, which you cannot include on a regular poster-board. It makes your poster more dynamic!
  • Glogs can be shared with teachers and classmates via the internet
  • Glogs can be embedded onto various sites, such as a wiki
  • Glogs can be used to make a wiki or presentation more dynamic and exciting.

To begin...
Your teacher should give you a log in "nickname" and password. This will give you access via their education account. To log in, you will go to or, you can go directly to your specific glog web address and log in.

If your teacher does not have account information for you, you can create your own account but you must be at least 13 years old to do so. To create an account select Register in the upper right-hand corner of the page and complete the required fields.

Tips for using Glogster
  • Think about the purpose of your Glog? What is the subject of the Glog? What kind of content are you going to put on it?
  • Plan where you want to put your content. What do you want the viewer to focus on? How can you organize your page to make it visually effective? Might you use more than one page?
  • Remember that content doesn't just mean text. It also includes images, drawings, music, video, links, etc. That means that any media that you put on your page should correspond to your topic and task. To make your Glog dynamic...
    • Include headings that divide your page up into sections
    • Liven it up with images, pictures, and drawings. You will have to save images to your computer, then upload them to the glog.
    • Add Video(s) and music that relate to your topic. These will also need to be saved to your computer so you can upload them to your glog.
    • Link to websites or other Glogs to expand your information.

Adding Videos to your Glog
  • Videos can be added to your Glog poster by selecting the Video option on the content toolbar
  • Screen_shot_2010-12-10_at_11.32.31_AM.pngThere are multiple options for adding videos -you can search and add a video from SchoolTube Videos and you can add your own videos
  • To add your own videos select My Videos
    • To upload a video from your computer drive select Upload and then select your video
    • If you have a webcam and/or microphone and want to create a video select Grab. You can then instantly record your own video.
    • To upload a video from YouTube or a similar site select the Link option. You will need to open a separate browser window to search for the video you want to use. Once you have found the video, copy the website URL. Paste the URL in the "Add Video from the Web" box on the Glogster site.
    • The video you choose will be added under My Videos. Then select the video and click Use It!
  • You can change the look of the video player under the Players tab.

How to Embed Glogster on a Wiki
After you have created a Glog you can embed it on your wiki site:
1. Go to the Glog you want to use
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the Glog poster
3. Click on the option embed into your page
4. A dialogue box will open. Screen_shot_2010-12-10_at_11.56.20_AM.pngClick on the copy button to copy the Glog code (see image to right)
5. Now open the Wiki page where you want to put the Glog
6. Click edit page
7. On the page toolbar click Widget
8. On the left toolbar click the Other HTML option (the last option)
9. Paste your code
10. Click save on the dialogue box and the widget box will appear on your page
11. Click save on the edit page toolbar to view the actual Glog on your page!

**You can also embed straight from the Wiki Spaces page. Go to Widget and select poster. Log in to your Glogster account and select the poster you want to use. Note: the poster will appear smaller on the wiki page if you use this option.