Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Videos

How can I get a video off of YouTube to use in my video?

Download and install download helper to your FIREFOX toolbar. You will then see a little molecule icon by the address bar of any youtube video. Click to download to your downloads folder, then put into your movie project.

Why won't it import my video from my SD card or my video camera hard drive?

Most likely because the video is not in a format that is compatible with your movie editing program. Try connecting the camera directly with a USB cable or use a conversion program to convert to wmv files. See compatibility issues page.

Why am I getting red Xs when I open my Movie Maker project?

This means the program cannot locate your video files. Make sure files are present on the computer you are using. Insert a flashdrive if that is where files were put originally. Double click the red X and "locate missing file. If file cannot be located, make sure you are on the computer you last used when the project was working properly and all flashdrives or SD cards are inserted.

Where can I download Windows Movie Maker?

Download From

Why is it telling me it can't open my MovieMakerproject?

Most likely because you worked at home on a different version of MovieMaker and the versions are not compatible. There is no way to resolve this issue from school. Video must be finished on your home computer.

Why is only one of my videos appearing in my Movie Maker project?

Click on the COLLECTIONS button or the dropdown arrow to see a list of all of the videos. Sometimes when you import, it imports each video as a separate COLLECTION

Why won't my video play in the MovieMaker collections?

Videos will not play properly until they are dragged down to the storyboard.

How can I mute the sound on my MovieMaker video?

Make sure you are in TIMELINE mode, then select the + sign nest to your video to expose the audio track. Right click on the audio track you want to mute and select mute. You can also use this to control the volume to better mix your video audio and music.

How do I record narration on my MovieMaker?

Click on the microphone button at the bottom right, adjust the volume and record. Once you record, you can move the narration where you want by clicking and dragging it.

Can I put my own music on my MovieMaker movie?

Yes, but it will need to be an MP3, NOT MP4. Also, you cannot put both narration and music overlapping (unless the narration is part of what you videotaped). If you want both narration AND music, you can use the program AUDACITY to mix this, save it as an MP3, then import into your movie as music.

How can I get a Powerpoint slide into my movie?

In Powerpoint, select File, Save As and change the file type to a JPEG. Save as separate images for each slide. You can then import these images into MovieMaker or any other editor.

How can I get a screen shot from my computer into my movie?

Use the PrtSc (Print Screen) button on the upper right section of your keyboard. Then go to PAINT and PASTE the image. Select FILE---SAVE AS and change file type to a JPEG. This image can then be imported into any program. On Mac, use Command Shift 3 for full screen shot or Command Shift 4 to select part.

How can I do slow or fast motion effects?