animoto.jpgAnimoto is a web-based video creation tool that will mix images, video, music, and limited text into a movie. This extremely easy to use tool is great for class projects that require you to show information in a visually engaging way. You can also use it to spice up a website, powerpoint, wiki, glog, or almost any other project or presentation.

To get started, you will need two things:

1. a passcode from your teacher

  • this will allow you to create videos longer than 30 seconds (usually not sufficient length for a class project)
  • If your teacher does not give you one, you can use this one (expires Dec 31, 2011)a4ehalt9417cf
  • Just copy and paste it when you complete step #2:


2. a BASIC (free) account with ANIMOTO

  • You will need an accessible email to create your account
  • You must be 13 years or older
  • You will need to enter the passcode (see #1) when you create your account. You will not be able to do this later.
  • If you already have an account from a previous class, you can enter the passcode by clicking on MY ACCOUNT in the upper right and putting the code where it says REDEEM PROMO CODE
  • If you do not have an accessible email, use this one: (inserting your initials ex: Make sure to include the + sign.

Getting Started
Once you hitScreen_shot_2011-09-12_at_11.41.20_AM.pngYou will need to select FULL LENGTH video and select your overall video background (this can be changed later). If you don't have the option to create a full length video, make sure you have entered a passcode as described above. Then, Animoto will walk you through the three basic steps
  1. Add Photos and/or Videos--you can select from their database or upload your own. High quality, large photos will look the best. DO NOT USE THUMBNAILS, they will be stretched and very grainy.
  2. Add Music - you select from their database or upload your own. If you use music from your computer, make sure to consider copyright restrictions on music. If your video is for a class project, and for the eyes of your teacher and class only, you can just credit the artist in your video. If you plan on publishing your video to the web or show it to the public, you should NOT use copyrighted music.
  3. Finalize - this will take a few minutes and is the only way to see your creation. You can go back and remix your video to revise anytime, but you will have to finalize again each time.

Some Things to Consider:
A monkey could create a "cool" looking video with Animoto. It really is THAT easy. The website will control all of the editing and the look and feel of your video. The only things you can control are: images and video selections, the text that appears, the order of these elements, and the music. Put some thought into how all of this is going to work together to achieve your purpose. The tips below will help your video be more effective, get you a better grade, and go beyond what any monkey can do!

Tip #1 -- Before you begin collecting pictures, have a clear PURPOSE FOCUS in mind for your video. What do you want it to DO? Sell something to your audience? Inform them? Entertain them? Persuade them? Make sure you plan out your video ahead of time so that it does this effectively. Brainstorm on image and text ideas and write out a rough plan/storyboard for your video. For more information on this, see the VIDEO PROJECTS page.

Tip #2 -- collect high quality, high resolution images and video. Take your OWN photos and images to bump things up even more. How many photos you need depends on your music, but most likely you will need 15-20 per MINUTE of video.

Tip #3 --You can create graphics using Word or other software
  • On a PC use print screen (button on the upper right of the keyboard), then paste into the program Paint, crop as necessary save it as a JPEG image.
  • On a Mac, it's as easy as hitting Command-Shift-4 and dragging across the area you want to save as a picture. It puts an image right on your desktop as a JPEG. (yeah Mac!!)

Tip #4 -- Put thought into your use of TEXT. Since you are so limited on the word count, make them "count" by thinking about how to use thext most effectively to achieve your PURPOSE (see tip #1).

Tip #5 -- Use the spotlight tool to emphasize certain pictures in your video. Screen_shot_2011-09-12_at_11.15.13_AM.png