This website is designed as a resource to help you with school projects. You will find tools and tips to help you boost the quality of your projects and helpful hints about using technology to enhance your class presentations.


Many HHS teachers use Wikispaces for a class website, in class activities and for delivering content to you in and outside of the classroom. In order to maintain consistency, please follow these instructions when creating a Wikispaces account. You should only need to create one, and use it your entire high school career. NINTH GRADERS--you will need to create a new account…please do not use your middle school account.

Every Hampton student, 6-12, has a Google account through the district. This account includes email and access to many Google Apps for Education. Click here for more information and troubleshooting tips for your school Google account

No doubt you will have numerous presentations and projects to do throughout your career here at the HHS, so why not spice it up a little bit? The Presentation Tools and Tips page will give you some tips for designing a better presentation, and some tools for making it more interesting for your audience and avoid inflicting "death by powerpoint!"


So you have to do a video project? The Video Projects page will give you tips for getting started as well as numerous tools to help you
throughout the process

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Wikis are an easy way to create a website for a class project. The Designing a Wiki page will give you some tips and tools for editing your wiki and making it more visually appealing.